Addiction Audio podcasts are produced and recorded by Social Media Editor Suzi Gage. Send feedback or suggestions for future podcasts to molly@addictionjournal.org.

Interview with Amy O'Donnell - financial incentives for alcohol screening and brief advice

Duration: 19:26

Suzi Gage interviews Amy O'Donnell about her research on the impact of introducing and then withdrawing small financial incentives for alcohol screening and brief advice in primary care in England

US deaths linked to vaping

Duration: 12:14

Suzi Gage talks to Robert West about recent US reports of deaths linked to vaping

Addiction on BBC Radio 4

Duration: 7:52

Robert West talks to Suzi Gage about two recent BBC Radio 4 broadcasts focusing on addiction: Drug use in Britain today https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0008vvz and The Science of Addiction https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0008nw3

Addiction July 2019: Interview with Adam Ficek

Duration: 12:35

Suzi Gage discusses addiction, music and psychotherapy with musician and psychotherapist Adam Ficek.

Addiction Audio June 2019: The Submission Process

Duration: 26:00

Editor-in-Chief Robert West and Regional Editor for the Americas Keith Humphreys discuss the journal's submission and review process.

Addiction May 19: What is addiction?

Duration: 21:28

Suzi Gage and Editor-in-Chief Robert West discuss "what is addiction"? How does it relate to individuals, to research and to the journal

Interview with Andrew Jones

Duration: 8:42

Suzi Gage interviews Andrew Jones about his review, "Compliance with ecological momentary assessment protocols in substance users: a meta‐analysis."

Interview with Katherine Keyes

Duration: 18:22

Rob Calder interviews Katherine Keyes about her research: Assessing the impact of alcohol taxation on rates of violent victimization in a large urban area: an agent‐based modeling approach.

Interview with Michael Amlung

Duration: 9:42

Suzi Gage interviews Michael Amlung about his research on the price elasticity of illegal vs legal cannabis.

Interview with Candice Graydon

Duration: 8:42

Suzi Gage interviews Candice Graydon about her research on the role of losses disguised as wins in multi-line slots.

Interview with Craig Dunn

Duration: 6:23

Suzi Gage interviews Craig Gunn about his paper "A systematic review of the next‐day effects of heavy alcohol consumption on cognitive performance", published in the December 2018 issue of Addiction.

Interview with Jade Boyd

Duration: 11:18

Suzi Gage interviews Jade Boyd about her article "Gendered violence and overdose prevention sites: A rapid ethnographic study during an overdose epidemic in Vancouver, Canada" in the December 2018 issue of Addiction.

Interview with Colin Angus

Duration: 6:06

Suzi Gage interviews Colin Angus about his research on alcohol outlet density and alcohol-related hospital admissions, published in the November 2018 issue of Addiction.

Addiction Reviewer Guidelines

Duration: 9:51

Suzi Gage talks to Addiction Editor-in-Chief Robert West about the journal's new reviewer guidelines